We are ALMG

ALMG is active in the field of quality management and proces automation with 15 years experience and a track record of returning customers. Our customers’ loyalty shows we can be trusted and deliver quality products. Like tulips, cheese and wooden shoes, our products are ‘Made in Holland’.



Why KeyLib®?

KeyLib® is an automation platform that saves time and money, and improves the overall quality of software. Our software can perform repetitive tasks, move data from one platform to another, measure end-user-performance and shortens the time needed to do regression and E2E-testing during acceptance testing. KeyLib® makes life easier for you, enabling you to focus on the things that are important to your business.

How does it work?

KeyLib® is easy to learn, suited to non-technical users and puts the control over your work processes into the hands of the people who know those processes best. The way to do it is by using keywords and advanced image recognition to effortlessly automate your work processes and functional tests.


Success in the Making


Getting to Know You

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Proof of Concept

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KeyLib® Solutions

KeyLib® Functional Test

Don’t have the capacity to test new
software? Don’t have the budget to
hire testers? Don’t want to get in trouble
with users or lose customers?

KeyLib® E2E Performance

Can’t finish tasks on time because of
slow software? Do suppliers blame
each other and advise new hardware?
Do customers stop using your software?


KeyLib® Advanced Robotics

Do repetitive tasks interrupt work
throughout the day and take up a
lot of time? Are these repetitive tasks
boring and result in a lot of mistakes?


KeyLib® Data Migration

Does manual data migration take up
a lot of time or do you need to hire a
lot of help? Does your data migration
result in a high error rate?


KeyLib® Functional Test

As an experienced manager you understand that software testing is very important to your business, as it will give you satisfied users and returning customers. More and better testing results in better software, but doing so will require a lot of money, people and time. KeyLib® Functional Test automates functional tests, including regression testing and end-to-end testing. Using KeyLib® to automate your testing will get you better software, at less cost and much faster than testing manually.

Regression Testing

The risk of not testing existing functionality is often underestimated, but reports show clearly that is where most software bugs occur. Regression testing can be a serious investment, requiring you to do the same tedious work repeatedly. You will profit from automating your regression testing in many ways: there is no need for expensive external testers, no lengthy testing of the same software time and again, and a very short lead time to run a complete regression test.

Automated vs Manual

As a rule of thumb, using KeyLib® Functional Test will make your software testing at least 25 times faster compared to manual testing. And not only is testing faster, reporting is done in the blink of an eye as reports are generated automatically by KeyLib®. When automated tests can run at night and unattended, imagine how much time you will have to do other important things and how quickly you know quality of a new software release.

New technology

KeyLib® has high tech image and text recognition, so there is no need for technical knowledge of programming languages or hard- and software platforms. Any application on any platform that makes use of a GUI can be tested using simple keywords. There is no need to buy other testing software, KeyLib® has been proven to work on browsers, mobile applications, desktop applications and legacy applications. Even ERP applications and applications running on dedicated hardware, like cash registers, can be tested with ease.

End-to-end Testing

End-to-end testing makes sure that the flow of your application is tested across different systems, database interactions and APIs. End-to-end testing is typically done at the end of every system test and requires an in-depth knowledge of the entire software and hardware environment. This is why it is often not executed well during acceptance testing. KeyLib® enables you to do comprehensive end-to-end testing without the effort of executing all of these tests manually.

Easy to use

KeyLib® Functional Test uses Keyword Driven Testing to make automating test cases easy. There is no need for programming skills, so your users and functional testers can use KeyLib® without the assistance of a software engineer. When your non-technical users can automate their own functional tests, you reduce the time needed to prepare and maintain automated test cases for all of your applications, saving you a lot of time and money.


Integration is necessary for automated functional testing to be implemented in the regular testing process. Test management integration enables you to use both manual and automated test cases in the same workflow. KeyLib® allows you to query most Database Management Systems (like MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc). Our software enables you to call web services using GET, PUT, POST, PATCH and DELETE commands. KeyLib® can interface with most of the software commonly used for continuous integration and deployment.

KeyLib® E2E Performance

Slow performing applications are a nuisance to both users and customers. Not only could this lead to complaints, but customers could decide to stop using your software. When suppliers are confronted with these complaints they often play the blame game and point to other links in the performance chain. Hardware, database, storage, network and application suppliers will go to great lengths to make sure they are not under any suspicion. KeyLib® will help you pinpoint the problem.

End-to-end Monitoring

When you approach performance issues end to end and from the perspective of the end user, there is no need to know what technical components are involved. KeyLib® E2E Performance takes process-based measurements across applications and technical components, and gives you real insight into what end users experience when they use a system. The focus is on the user and not on technical components, ensuring you work towards a fast resolution.

Horizontal vs Vertical

Combining end user (horizontal or E2E) measurements with technical (vertical or component) logging could prove helpful in solving incredibly persistent performance issues. E2E measurements can be used to reveal the exact date, time and location of the issue, which can then be matched to the technical logging already available to your IT department. This provides an easy way to troubleshoot any complaints your users and customers might have.

Performance Alerts

Would you like to get a warning before things go awry? KeyLib® E2E Performance uses intelligent alerting to let you know about small fluctuations in performance, before customers can pick up the phone to complain. You can ask KeyLib® to send you a text message or e-mail in the case of a small decline in the long-term performance of a system. This warning gives you ample time to take action and make sure your customers do not experience any major interruptions.

KeyLib® Advanced Robotics

Not having to do endless repetitive tasks will make your employees happy and give them the necessary time to do more important things. Repetitive tasks, especially those that are spread across the day (asynchronous), interrupt work the most and cost a lot of time. KeyLib® Advanced Robotics automates repetitive tasks in a split second. There is no need for technical assistance in automating your workflow tasks, KeyLib® is a simple, Keyword-Driven solution that will automate your tasks for you. Start saving time today and choose KeyLib® Advanced Robotics.

Accurate Data Entry

Data quality is important to any business, but manual data entry has been proven to result in a high rate of unforced errors, sometimes even as high as 10%. Using KeyLib® to automate data entry removes human error from the data entry process and results in correct data, typically at a rate of over 99,5%. Besides data quality, speed is an important factor in data entry. KeyLib® will enter important data 20 to 50 times faster than any person.

Money Saver

Have you calculated how much time is lost and how much money is spent in performing tasks that can easily be automated? Have you asked your staff how much they dislike doing these jobs manually, day after day, week after week? Wouldn’t you like have a new staff member who can work 24 hours a day without complaining and perform repetitive tasks over and over again without making mistakes? Then choose KeyLib® Advanced Robotics.

Workflow Automation

Work processes frequently span more than one application, making it very difficult and time consuming for a worker to perform tasks that involve a complex work process without making any mistakes. KeyLib® can automate workflows across platforms and applications, removing the need for manual execution and keeping the error rate low. Give your workers more time to do important work instead of easily automated but complex tasks.

KeyLib® Data Migration

When you have made the decision to move your business to a different software platform, you will also have to successfully migrate your important data to the new system. A simple database migration often results in having the same poor data quality in your new system, will not comply with the business rules in the new system, and enriching data with new information is not easy. Manual data migration is very vulnerable to human error, and is extremely slow and expensive. Use KeyLib® to migrate your data in a fast, cost-efficient way with a low error rate.

Fast Migrations

It is important to phase out the old system and start using the new system as quickly as possible, otherwise you end up paying for the use of two systems. Manual data migration takes a long time, making the period of having to maintain two systems unnecessarily long and expensive. Use KeyLib® DM to automate your data migrations, making them fast, affordable and accurate.

Enriching Data

Every data migration requires old data with errors to be cleaned up and enriched. You can use KeyLib® to add automated workflows that enrich your data to make sure your new system’s data is not only accurate, but also complete. Add IBAN Bank account numbers, use new rules to display the correct phone number, check and add ZIP codes, KeyLib® can add to your data as required.

Accurate Data

It is essential that the data in your new system is correct. Manual data migration has a high chance of man-made errors. Database migrations do not follow business rules, so existing data errors go from one system to the next. Automated, GUI-based data migrations follow business rules and result in a low error rate (less than 0.5%). KeyLib® ensures the quality of your data.