We are ALMG

ALMG is revolutionizing the world of test automation with our unique testing solution called KeyLib®. This proven product has already successfully helped businesses in different industries improve customer satisfaction, decrease development time and costs. How? By cutting out the middle man. There is no need for technical or programming skills. KeyLib® enables you to take control. KeyLib® makes testing easier and more fun.



Why KeyLib®?

Regularly testing your applications contributes to an optimal user experience. Testing is often a technical matter that requires a programmer or a dedicated tester, which costs time and money. This is not the case with KeyLib®. KeyLib® executes the testing for you by simulating the end user. Test scripts are easily automated and KeyLib® is platform-independent, which means you can test all your applications with KeyLib®.

KeyLib® improves your application quality, which contributes to improving your customer experience. And that is what this is all about.

How does it work?

KeyLib® uses keywords instead of code to test your application. It is a unique way of testing software. KeyLib® combines image and text recognition to execute the keyword commands, which results in understandable and transferable automated test scripts. Using automated test scripts allows you to monitor the functionality of applications, discover issues in time, and pinpoint software or performance bugs. Identifying and solving problems becomes faster, cheaper and easier with KeyLib®.


The KeyLib® method

Test automation made easy with KeyLib®.

Our Approach

We are not your supplier, we are your partner. It is our objective to enable you to use KeyLib® independently. With these tree steps you will enjoy the benefits of better quality products and services.


Getting to know you

Would you like to get to know KeyLib®? We would like to come by and see what challenges you have. In exchange for a cup of coffee, we will demonstrate how KeyLib® can help solve your issues.


Four Hour Challenge

Do you want to get the most out of KeyLib®? During the Four Hour Challenge we will show you how we can solve your most difficult testing problem in your IT environment. Discover how versatile KeyLib® is, since it can be used across all platforms. We’ll gladly take on your challenge!


PoC & Project

Ready for the next step? Choose our three month ‘Proof of Concept’, or choose a full implementation of KeyLib®. Make the decision to become proactive instead of reactive when it comes to the quality of your products and services.


Instead of 12 weeks lead time for testing, we can now deliver fully tested updates to our customers every 3 weeks, even with an incredible increase in scope.

Ivo Huizinga, Productmanager, Snelstart


Testen is normaal gesproken ontzettend tijdrovend, maar met KeyLib(r) heb je het proces binnen een handomdraai geautomatiseerd. Heel handig, want nu kan ik die tijd gewoon in m’n eigen bedrijf stoppen.

Jan-Willem de Rijker,